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2014 Spring Conference 

New Mexico Fire Marshals Association Southern New Mexico Building Officials Annual Conference in Ruidoso NM The Lodge at Sierra Blanca & Ruidoso Convention Center

April 06-08, 2014

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An update on the Fireworks Legislation that is being proposed. The bill was heard today in the Natural Resources Committee, there were several from the fireworks industry their along with several fire departments. The industry has changed their stance a bit and are ok with local jurisdiction being able to restrict all types of fireworks, there was also a little disagreement from the industry with using the National Fire Danger Rating System. Overall though the committee agreed that there does need to be a change in the current law. The committee voted on amending the Bill. The amendment takes sections K-N out and takes the State Forestry out of the Title. The amendment allows for local jurisdiction to ban fireworks, but not the state. This was done because a few of the Committee members didn’t like the fact that the State could come into a jurisdiction and override the decision of not banning fireworks.  The Bill will be heard again in the same Committee on Monday morning in RM 309 at 08:00. The committee plans on taking action on the amended Bill at this time, so if you can please show up in support of the Bill.


 Building on Fire
Welcome to the New Mexico Fire Marshal's Association
 The New Mexico Fire Marshals are dedicated to the protection of life and property to the citizens of New Mexico through proactive education, and enforcement.




The purpose of this association is to:
  • Unite for mutual benefit of those engaged in fire and life safety issues within the State of New Mexico;
  • Provide an open forum for members for networking;
  • Further fire and life safety and support codes and standards promulgated by nationally recognized code, groups (i.e. ICC International Code Council and NFPA, National Fire Protection Association).
  • Provide a vehicle for dissemination of fire and life safety information to various agencies;
  • Serve as technical adisor to national, state, and local legislators;
  • Promote fire safety education for all persons within the State of New Mexico;
  • Serve in a consulting capacity to personnel outside the fire service;
  • Work with other state and national organizations in promoting fire and life safety and;
  • Provide opportunities for educational, professional, and leadership development through meetings, workshops, and seminars.



Advocating for Home Fire Sprinklers

One of the goals of the Fire Sprinkler Initiative (FSI) is to give home fire sprinkler advocates the tools they need to encourage local governments to adopt legislation mandating these life-saving systems for all new one- and two-family homes. Members of the fire service and other safety advocates are in a unique position to influence the legislative process as leaders in the community. They can speak to the death and destruction they see every day caused by home fires and how home fire sprinklers can help reduce these painful losses.